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Pricing and Bidding: Unit Price Jobs

Instructor: Douglas D. Gransberg, Ph.D., P.E., FRICS, M.ASCE

This Guided Online Course teaches the fundamentals of pricing a typical unit price contract, including development of fixed and variable costs, applying profit margins, and putting the estimate together to develop a responsive unit price bid package.

This course is Gold Seal accredited by the Canadian Construction Association for 3 CEU credits.

Course Benefits  and Learning Outcomes

  • Learn basic principles of construction unit price development
  • Understand the principles of fixed and variable costs, as well as profit
  • Learn to build-up a unit price from unit costs
  • Develop unit pricing from bid tabulations

Who Should Attend?

  • Construction Project Owners
  • Design Consultants
  • Construction Contractors

Course Outline

Week 01:

  • Equipment Spread/Crew Productivity
  • Development Construction Equipment Packages
  • Equipment Production: Earthmoving
  • Practice Exercise # 1

Week 02:

  • Equipment Production: Batch Plants Part I
  • Equipment Production: Batch Plants Part II
  • Equipment Production: Pavements
  • Practice Exercise # 2
  • Live Instructor Interaction: Review of weeks 1 and 2, questions and discussion

Week 03:

  • Unit Price Estimating – Means and Methods
  • Unit Price Estimating Balanced/Unbalanced I
  • Unit Price Estimating Balanced/Unbalanced II
  • Practice Exercise # 3

Week 04:

  • Unit Price Database Development
  • Bid Tabulations
  • Practice Exercise # 4
  • Live Instructor Interaction: Review of weeks 3 and 4, questions and discussion

Week 05:

  • Live review of Modules 1-4 content, followed by questions and discussion as required

Week 06:

  • The final exam: online multiple choice test graded on a pass/fail basis

Course Overview

Duration: 6 Weeks
Starts: Monday 04 June 2018
Begin anytime after start date.
Ends: Friday 13 July 2018
Complete within 2 weeks of end date.
Expected sitting time per week: Up to 2.5 hours
Total video lecture content: 16 hours
Total interactive exercises: 3 hours
Credits: 1.0 CEU/ 10 PDHs

Part of the Construction Engineering Certificate Program

IACET Accredited

Gold Seal Accredited



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