Engineering/AEC Firms

ASCE works with Engineering/AEC firms of all sizes to build a custom catalogue of courses that can ensure engineering teams are trained in the latest civil engineering topics. Guided Online Courses are offered every quarter and include topics such as crane lift plan preparation, forensic engineering, water treatment processes, low impact development, seismic loads and construction cost estimating. ASCE also offers hundreds of on-demand courses covering a myriad of civil engineering topics that can extend your team’s knowledge and abilities. Let’s build your custom catalogue together. Contact us now.


Your engineers have ongoing educational needs and our pricing is geared towards supplying you with a steady state of engineering education that can fit your budget. Ask about our bulk pricing to save money on courses throughout the year.

Technology and Tools

ASCE offers you ease of use in distributing courses to your employees, as well as the ability to monitor the health and success of your professional development efforts. Using ASCE’s distribution and reporting tool, called the Online Key Manager (OKM), you can order on-demand and you can also track learner activation and completion of courses.

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Benefits of ASCE’s Guided Online Courses

  • Instructor-led programs
  • Dynamic video lectures and peer collaboration
  • Unlimited, 24/7 accessibility to weekly modules
  • Mobile friendly

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